Steve Olschwanger How to Get Flat Stomach

Getting flat stomach is the desire of millions of people worldwide. One who wants to get flat stomach must always remember that losing weight can improve his quality of life by reducing all the health risks.  A positive mental attitude must be maintained towards your goal of having a flat tummy. These points should be noted when you go for such methods By Steve Olschwanger.

Steve Olschwanger How to Get Flat Stomach

Steve Olschwanger How to Get Flat Stomach

Your Diet

The first and foremost thing what you have to do is to look after your diet. When it comes to losing body fat, exercise is important but it is given second priority. The first priority goes to what you eat and don’t eat. In order to have a flat stomach, these things are considered important.

Your diet should contain natural foods and avoid processed foods as much as possible. The processed foods are unhealthy and they do not help for your hormone balance and metabolism in the body. So, it is better to avoid those foods. It is good to add lots of proteins in your food like beans, meat, grains, fruits, vegetables, whole-wheat bread and nuts.

Your Exercise Program

The second important thing is exercise. Instead of focusing just stomach, focus the entire body. Listed below are some of the steps in doing an exercise.

  • Warm up
  • High knees
  • Skipping
  • Power jump
  • Rest
  • Oblique jumps
  • C-Sit workouts
  • High plank knees
  • Low plank knees
  • Stretch

These steps workout if you do these three times a week and skipping 50 times twice a day.

Where do people go wrong?

Many people are spending too much time focusing on training their stomach. Having a flat stomach is nothing but getting a low body fat percentage. Your majority of exercise program must focus on training the largest muscle groups in the body like chest, legs and the back. If you follow this, then these exercises would stimulate the metabolism and burns the fat present in the bones and will help you to get a flat belly.

If you focus on these steps you will achieve success in getting flat stomach. It does not matter much once you have the right mindset. Hard work and persistence are required to achieve positive results. What’s next? Say goodbye to your old belly.!


Best Wishes For Your Weight Loss Plan By Steve Olschwnager.

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