Steven Olschwanger Diet

When we all think about “Diet” we all think that it is for those who trying to reduce weight. But it is a food control, says Steven. There are different types of Diet. Some foods which help in modification of the body, that is to gain weight or to lose weight. Another type of diet is nutritious food that everyone eats. Then the food related with a particular culture and tradition is also one type of Diet. Whatever it is eating right food at right quantity helps in good health, says Steven Olschwanger.

Steven Mark Olschwanger

Steven Mark Olschwanger

When you started to follow Diet make sure you are following it till you get the result. Be confident in losing weight or following any diet. Every change happens gradually. If your age is above 30 and you are trying to lose weight first understand the fact that you have to do some modification in the body which was same for more than 20 years. So expect gradual changes. When you lose weight gradually it lasts long, says Steven Mark Olschwanger.

Steven Mark Olschwanger has given some tips about diet. Do follow and lead a healthy life.

1)      When the energy spent is more than intake calories then weight will be reduced. So eat less work more. But what you eat is the utmost important thing. Eat more vegetables, fruits, protein and essential fats.

2)      Don’t eat the food that increases hunger; instead eat foods that make you feel full for longer. For this, eat fiber rich foods.

3)      Drink lot of water. At least 8 to 9 glasses of water per day is good. But drink lot of water in the day time and very less at night. Because drinking lot of water will disturb sleep, which is more essential for health.

4)      Eat a lot in the morning, little less than that in the evening and very less at night. And don’t eat anything after 8 pm. Your meal should be completed before two hours you go to sleep.

5)      Eat only when you feel hunger; if you don’t feel hungry then don’t eat. So check whether you really feel hunger or you feel thirst. Sometimes your hunger will stop if you drink water.

6)      Treat yourself, which means eat some of your favorite food once in a week or two. It is not that we must not eat of favorite foods and eating once in a week will not increase the weight but if you eat it work out a little more the next day.

Follow the advice of Steven Mark Olschwanger to follow a healthy diet. Stay healthy and Be happy.

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