Healthy Lifestyle for a Healthy Life

Creating a healthy lifestyle means adjusting your daily routine. If you can follow some habit continuously for 30 days, then it becomes part of your lifestyle and part of your routine. All you have to do is to follow few simple steps that will improve your health. The steps should focus on mental, physical and social well being.

Steven Mark Olschwanger brings out all the necessary steps for a healthy lifestyle. He is a Nutritionist and Dietist who has written several articles related to health, diet, body maintenance etc.


Healthy behaviors:

A Balanced Diet is essential for a healthy life. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. At least five fruits and vegetables per day. Stay away from processed foods and junk foods. The fruits and vegetables what you eat should be organic. Your diet should not be of high caloric. Drink more water from eight to ten glasses of water per day.

To improve physical and mental strength, Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Simple exercises like jogging, walking, aerobics, swimming, skipping will do. Do not over exercise as it is also not good for health. Regular physical exercises can improve your mental health. Cardiac workout is also good as it strengthens the heart and lungs. You need not go to gym for doing exercises. You can practice all these at home itself.

In healthy lifestyle, emotional health plays an important role. Stress affects your mental and psychological stability by creating an imbalance. Have a positive attitude towards life. Always keep in mind that happy people live longer. You can practice yoga and meditation at home as it will help you to avoid stress.

A healthy lifestyle can increase a person’s longevity. A balanced diet, Correct body mass index and proper fitness plans can make gradual and histrionic improvements in your health. It’s time to create your healthy lifestyle. Start right away. Now is the best time to start. Experience the joy of a healthy lifestyle!!

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